Support For Parents

Parents are naturally invested in their children’s wellbeing, they want to see their children healthy, happy and able to thrive and enjoy life. It is therefore very common for parents to be looking for and concerned with what their children need in order to make the most of their every day life at home, at nursery or school and with their peers. Most parents report wondering at some point, in a particular moment or for longer periods of time whether certain behaviours of their children require any specialist support or warrant a Neurodevelopmental or Psychological Assessment. In our times the initial reaction of parents is to seek information online to learn more and develop an understanding of what may be happening for their child. In a majority of cases that proves sufficiently helpful and parents either find ideas on how to address concerns or they no longer have concerns. In some cases parents need to talk to a specialist to ascertain which route to go down to. This includes concerns about education and the experience of their children in school.

If you are a parent struggling with your children's emotional or behavioural needs, you will find in me an experienced professional who is able to walk with you through different management strategies and find with you the one that fits for you and your family. I am also able to identify whether what you are observing in your child may require a specialist assessment. I can then complete that assessment on my own or guide you to the appropriate specialist or resources available.

My experience with parents and their children spans across age range, from birth to adulthood, and a variety of settings, public and private, in both health and education. I have therefore a thorough knowledge not only of the children’s presentations, their needs and potential disorders, but also of the network of services and their part in the solution finding process. Therefore, I can help you as  a parent to navigate through resources available in a quick and effective way.