Consultation & Professional Coaching


My aim for supervision is to provide the supervisee with a space where they can receive support in managing work with people in high distress and complex needs, they can review their approach to a particular client or family and enhance their existent skills or learn new techniques in promoting better outcomes for their clients. I see supervision as a space of mutual influence and development. Whether in training or fully qualified, you will find in me an experienced colleague that will work with you in your transitional journey from theory to practice and vice-versa.

A qualified Systemic Psychotherapist/ Family Therapist since 2010 and registered Systemic Supervisor. My experience of working with individuals, couples and families spans mental health services- children and adults, social services and the voluntary sector. I have worked with the full range of mental health presentations of children, adolescents and adults offering comprehensive assessments and therapeutic interventions. I have been a clinical supervisor in Child & Adolescent Mental Health services and Children Services supervising professionals from different disciplines and therapists/counselors of other modalities. I am also an experienced trainer of systemic practice and theory.

Supervision is offered monthly or fortnightly, depending on needs, to Systemic Psychotherapists, Family Therapy Trainees and Systemic Practitioners, social workers, substance misuse specialists, IDVA workers. I am open to requests from therapists trained in different modalities and interested in receiving systemic supervision.


Consultations are offered to Social Services, NHS and other public services, to charities and to individual professionals that may request it. I offer consultations on individual cases as well as to teams or organisations that may want to address a team-based difficulty or to implement change. As a systemically trained professional, I offer consultations that aim at multiplying perspectives in order to make sense of a particular problem, what keeps it alive and its potential solutions. Following many years of co-working with colleagues from a variety of professions and disciplines in the social care and health sector, I adopt a stance of curiosity and collaboration in my consultations.

Professionals- Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Physical Health Specialists, IDVA workers, Substance misuse Specialists- may request a consultation to address stuckness in a situation or to enhance progress already achieved in their work. Applying the systemic lens enables professionals to connect in their thinking with all parts of the family reality and history as well as the professional network around a person in the process of their work with a particular client. My aim for the consultation is to enhance the potential and variety of the tools available to the professional requesting it, so that they can achieve their own goals. Consultations can be offered individually or in group and their secondary benefit, beyond the task in hand, is that they offer skills and tools that can be transferred into different problems and settings.


If you are contemplating your next professional step in mental health or social care, if you are finding that you are losing the enthusiasm for your work or if you have been made redundant and wondering ‘what do I do next?’, we can work together on setting and achieving short and long term professional goals. In my experience as a senior member of teams, as an individual and group supervisor and as a trainer, I have formed a belief that taking the opportunity of a well-informed professional coaching process enhances not only the professional’s career, but their overall wellbeing and sense of fulfilment.

Working in a variety of settings, I have acquired a thorough knowledge around the various stages and processes of a professional journey in both private and agency based work. Further to this, with experience in both academic and professional training in different countries and their subsequent adaptation into practice in different countries, you will find that I am able to navigate processes and hurdles in the way, almost intuitively. If you have never thought of professional coaching being an answer to your dilemmas, give it a go and you will find that it pays off.