Talking Therapy





Perinatal Mental Health

Relational issues 


Mental Health - of one or both partners



Plan making


Mental Health- of any family member*

Parent- child/adolescent difficulties
Transgenerational difficulties

* including collaboration with psychiatry

  1. Initial Session: I aim at understanding client's or family's immediate needs and their desired future outcomes. Together we set goals that can be adjusted and reviewed as the therapy progresses.

  2. Personalized Approach: Each client , couple or family is unique, and I avoid relying on generic descriptions of well-being. 

  3. Short-Term or Long-Term Therapy: Duration of therapy can vary based on the individual's needs and available resources. This flexibility allows me to adapt to the client's specific situation.

  4. Goal of Resolution: The ultimate goal of therapy sessions is to guide clients towards a point where their issues feel resolved or become less relevant. This applies not only to personal struggles but also to difficulties in their relationships.

  5. Enhancing Emotional Well-Being: I work with clients to improve their emotional well-being and help them understand the underlying causes of their issues. This is where change begins.

  6. Acknowledgment of the Challenges: Therapy can be a challenging journey and the prospect of change can be anxiety-provoking. Pace is something we will set together.

  7. Awareness and Understanding: A central focus of my work is to increase the client's awareness of how their problems were formed and what perpetuates them. This understanding is crucial for addressing the root causes of their issues.